Just a simple elf wizard :P



He’s very smug. Always has a smirk on his face. Believes he’s the most powerful, but doesn’t flaunt it. Understands that the Queen has done this to punish him and he’s determined to come back stronger than ever. Believes these wizards can teach him things, that will come to his advantage when he is restored.

He was an accomplished magic user in his true form and wants to continue that. He’s skill in illusions saved his life in his early years.



In what was meant to be my triumph that would etch my name into the dragon chronicles of history instead left me like this. It had all been too easy really. Just after the Cataclysm, while the Queen slowly grew her forces I plotted and came up with a plan. I went to the leader of the black dragon clan and offered my services. Worming my way in I eventually became one of his advisers (much to the horror and disgust of other blacks).. Muhahaha

It took some time but I finally convinced him that he deserved to have a better seat on the council of dragons and that the leader of the Blue Dragon Flight should surrender his position to him. With much planning and preparation, I convinced him that he could challenge the blue leader in 1v1 combat and he would be guaranteed victor (with my magical aid). It was all a setup. I never intended to help the black leader and when he realized, it was too late and so he had to find the blue to the death. As predicted although defeated and killed he had inflicted substantial damage to the blue leader and it was almost too easy when I stepped in and instead of declaring him the victor, slaughtered him.

What came next unfortunately I could not foresee. I expected the blues and blacks to fight amongst themselves and that would leave a power vacuum for a creative and devious Green dragon like myself to exploit, but instead I found myself captured and dragged before the Dark Queen herself for punishment. It seems that the Queen’s plans were in motion and the removal of two of her generals angered her greatly. Many other dragons called for her to kill me (gutless weaklings), but instead she chose to punish me another way. I had always been proud of my magical abilities and my appearance. Instead she has cursed me to this form, that of a Elven Male and while I still have my magic (she could not strip it from me) it is now limited and reduced to mere mortal levels.

My plan and execution had been perfect and if it had not been for this stupid war that is coming I would have become a legend! The Queen was a fool, she should have killed me then; Now I have a chance to regain my power and extract revenge on them all.
I’ve since discovered after being reduced to this form that my skill for magic is still present, but I will have to learn as these mortals do with this arcane sorcery. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my secret hidden from these powerful wizards (because even during my ascension the most powerful wizards were given pause by my kind). Perhaps there is something I can learn from these mortals.

I will find a way to return to my form and until then, disrupting plans of the Queen and her dragons will make my return that all much sweeter in the end.



A Tale of Two Magi Philvarce