Galen Whymere

Power is through Magic


Brief History of Galen Whymere


  • Street Urchin


  • Mother – Ergothian – alive and well, currently living in the city of Sanction
  • Father – (deceased) but no one would tell Galen the truth about his Father.

Known Associates and Organisations

  • The Shades (Thieves Guild)
  • Mother
  • Trevor (Grey Wizard and Mentor)
  • Birth Place \ Home City
    Galen was born and has lived all his life in the city of Sanction. as far as he knows…

Early Years
The Thieves Guild saw that Galen had a talent for the arcane during his training as a thief, so he was given over to his Mother’s new lover ‘Trevor’, a Grey Wizard. Most assumed Galen would become a ‘Trickster’ to help the Guild grow stronger, but Trevor realised very early that Galen had much more ability in the arcane arts. After some trials, Trevor’s belief became fact and soon Galen was sent away to a school dedicated to the Wizardly Art.

  • Mother and the Mentor
    A Grey Wizard called ‘Trevor’ trained me; I never trusted him though. He was the closest thing to a father figure, but I came to know very early on he was just another person hoping to use me for my gifts. He laughed whenever my mother ‘hurt me’; anytime Mother and Trevor got drunk (which was a lot) I suffered. Seems the fact that I looked just like my Father seemed to haunt my Mother and whatever suppositive wrong my Father had committed, her vengeance was aimed at me 10 fold.

Trevor said it was for the best (sometimes he meant the punishment for looking like I did; other times he meant becoming a Red Robe Wizard as that path would lead me to great power). No permanent damage was ever done to me (well except for the massive burn and scars all over my body) and i ALWAYS protected my hands. Besides my hands were needed to help make the pair rich.

Trevor also said it would be easier to disappear or leave the wizardly orders behind and return to the Guild if i was a Red Robe, as it is what he did. I should follow in his footsteps I was told at every turn… become a well connected person like him (Mother liked this idea – I hated it). Trevor does not understand that ‘Black’ is where the power lies… but I can play their game and pretend to be ‘Red’ until the time is right. I will become what i was always meant to be!

They can try and continue to manipulate me but I will be the one to rise from the fire.

Current Events
Well before leaving for the Wizard School, Galen had already decided to play his cards close to his chest. He has never had a friend, acquaintances yes, but a friend, no. Because of his training in the ‘Guild’, Galen has padded his clothing to make his appearance seem more ‘plump’ than the dexterous person he actually is. He has a set of Thieves Tools and knows how to use them. He has not called a familiar to his side at this time as he is not sure what that would mean. Is it a friend, an ally, or a burden? Research is required…

Galen Whymere

A Tale of Two Magi Novalar